blazer tshirt.jpg

It all started when...

I had the perfect white tshirt - then it got stained... mustard, right down the middle eating a hot dog at the baseball game.  Multiple attempts to clean it were futile.  It was now a dust rag.  I had just bought it earlier that week for $50 at the cute boutique store.  "You can wear it with jeans or under a blazer! How cute would this look with a black leather jacket at the U2 concert this weekend?!"  Sold. 

I have had more white tshirts in my life than I can count - cheap, expensive, middle of the road.  V-neck, crew neck, pocket tee, ruching... they all get stained, torn or have the armpits turn yellow.  I'm tired of having to replace these tees and quite frankly, I hate buying one white tshirt online.  I'm taking the pain away from you here at haute | T.

I bought my husband the razor subscription.  It's amazing.  They take the hassle out of having to run to the drugstore and pay ridiculous prices.  Sometimes we have too many razors - pause for a few months then back at it.  I love how my weekly food delivery box takes the guessing out of the meal planning and shopping at the grocery store.  Sometimes I forget to pick my meals - it still shows up with amazing recipes easy for me to cook for the family.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple white tshirt delivered to you once a month?  The possibilities of the white tshirt are endless - no one needs to tell you how to wear a white tshirt - you are always in style!  A chunky necklace for that first date, power suit for a big meeting, your kids' baseball, lacrosse, soccer (insert 12 other sports) game.  We have you covered here and you do not get to decide because the decision is easy - we decide for you. 

Your wardrobe deserves it!  Pause your subscription any time - then come back for more of that classic simplicity a white tshirt brings.